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Thank you for considering ProRider Of Hagerstown's motorcycle safety course. We are excited and look forward to riding and training with you. We appreciate your business and value your feed back after your completion of the course. If you have any fellow riders who are considering taking our course we hope you will share your experiences with them and encourage them to join us. We do allow drop in registration if class space permits and riders can pay by credit card on site the day of class.

There are a few things you should know before you join us on the day of training. Please dress for the weather and bring sun block, water, snacks, and rain gear to keep comfortable. We will ride in wet weather unless it is a complete wash out. We will have a lunch break for about an hour although sometimes we may run longer on a venue in which that hour may be cut short. Please plan accordingly. There are some food places nearby however you may want to consider bringing your food.

On the date of training please wear over the ankle boots, long pants, eye protection, gloves, and a DOT approved helmet. You will also need to have proof of valid registration and insurance for the motorcycle you bring to the training course as well as your driver's license with motorcycle endorsement. You will not be able to participate without having these documents available per our policy.

Although we make effort to have you keep your motorcycle up on two wheels, we have at times seen riders drop their motorcycle during training. It is for this reason that we provide fire hose/PVC tubing to wrap your engine guards during the training course. If you have highway pegs/foot rests and/or lowers on your motorcycle engine guards, we recommend removing them prior to class if possible. That way the fire hose can easily be wrapped and zip tied without any obstruction. We will have space to store saddlebags on site should you want to remove them once you arrive on site.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you some riding techniques that are used by those who ride for a profession. At the end of the day we hope you leave our training class a safer, more in control, and more confident rider.